Don’t Leave Home Without It!!!


Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally the one thing you don’t want to be is unprepared. Preparation is essential to avoiding any unnecessary consumption of time and money and also staying safe. Below, I have

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic…


First let me start by saying if you want to visit Dominican Republic for the nice beautiful beaches, DO NOT visit Santo Domingo. Your safest bets are going to Punta Cana or Puerto Plata for

A Glimpse of Nola’ (New Orleans) thru my Lens…


A few things you should know about New Orleans… Delicious food Good People Extraordinary Music Lively Nightlife Rich Tradition & History Now enjoy the pics and definitely plan a trip to New Orleans to experience

You Can Afford to Travel and This is How!


Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It allows us to escape the stress of our everyday lives by providing rest and relaxation or allowing us to be adventurous in a place we would have

Jamaica Mon!


Where do I begin??? Everything about the island of Jamaica is beautiful and welcoming! The weather, the beaches, the nightlife, the food, the people….etc. etc.! There are 3 main tourist destinations in Jamaica; Montego Bay,